Benefits of septic tank pumping functions

To understand what is involved septic tank pumping, it is first important to understand what a septic system is, what it does and how it functions. A septic system is, very simply, an underground treatment system for household sewage. A typical septic system consists of 4 elements the pipe in the house, the septic tank, a drain area and the soil. Damage or malfunction of one of these elements can cause the system to fail which could lead to soil and drinking water contamination and costly repairs or replacements from the homeowner. A very basic explanation of how the system operates starts with waste water leaving the home through the pipes network within the home to the pipe leading to the septic tank. The tank is buried underground and is typically built in a water tight way of concrete, fiberglass or polyethylene. It is meant to maintain the waste water long enough to allow the solids to settle to the bottom to form sludge and the oils to float to the surface to form scum.

Some of the solid waste decomposes too. There are compartments and a shaped socket in the tubero which prevents the sludge and scum from leaving the tank to go to the drain fields. When the liquid enters the drain area, it is filtered through the many layers of dirt for the last treatment by removal of harmful germs, viruses and nutrients. Septic tank pumping is required occasionally to remove the sludge and scum in the tank. If the sludge and scum is permitted to accumulate in the tank, it may clog the drainage from the septic tank and the drain area. Your regional septic service company in Molalla can offer periodic inspections in addition to pumping and cleaning of your tank to keep everything functioning as it was created.

The process of septic tank pumping involves using a huge tank truck with suction hoses and pumps. The hoses are put into the manhole opening in the bottom level to remove the scum and sludge accumulation. The sludge and scum are sucked into the tank on the truck and it is later disposed of in an approved manner and place. The septic service firms in Molalla will inspect the tank, valves and the floor around the machine to check for leaks or obstructed areas. Areas needing attention will be brought to the attention of the homeowner and a proper resolution suggested.